Turning your ideas into digital reality.

In today’s digital-driven landscape, I’m here to effortlessly turn your ideas into a concrete online presence as your trusted digital consultant.


I am Lionel Boscher.

With years of experience in web development and marketing, I’ve had the privilege of assisting various entrepreneurs, SMEs, and organizations in their digital journeys. If you’re looking for a modest website, a simple communication strategy, or meaningful content, I’m here to support and guide you through each step, always aiming to meet your expectations.

Inquisitive, imaginative, and driven by passion, I offer my expertise in:

website development,
digital communication,
content creation,
and traditional marketing support.

A genuine operational asset, I draw from a 15-year background in marketing leadership and over a decade of experience in website development, primarily with WordPress (but also familiar with WIX, SquareSpace, and Hubspot).

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A big thank you and kudos to you, Lionel, for the quality of your work and advice over all these years! You've played a significant role in the progression of my professional situation. Thank you again!
Julien Xanthopoulos
Golf coach & TV consultant
Over the time I have worked with Lionel I have been impressed with his ability to always deliver quality on time. Lionel knows how to balance his strive for perfection with time limits. His ability to understand the customer needs and how to react to feedback is something I have learned from Lionel. The way he translates a marketing idea into reality with tools like WordPress, Hubspot, Twitter, Linkedin or just PowerPoint is phenomenal.
Magnus Billgren

Words of customers

Every day, I receive nothing but praise for the quality of this website's design. Skilled, responsive, creative, and seasoned in web communication and social media management, his professional and personal qualities are invaluable, and I highly recommend him!
Brice Bellemans
Sports Physician & Mesotherapy Specialist
Lionel developed our company's website. He perfectly understood the requirement and designed a site that clients recognize as clear and with a very straightforward message. Working with him is a pleasure and can be summed up as "we say what we do and we do what we say," all within the promised timeframe. Very professional! I highly recommend his expertise.
Christine Montagard
CEO & RH consultant



At the end of 2012, I launched the blog "La Petite Balle Blanche" to deepen my understanding of the digital communication world while indulging in my passion for golf through writing. Known as LPBB to the community of enthusiasts who follow the site's publications and its associated Twitter account, it is now recognized as a leading golf media in France.


In 2022, I started the podcast "Parlons Golf" where each episode features a professional from the golf industry, a member of an institution, a club manager, a stakeholder in the golf sector, or someone from the golfing ecosystem to discuss their activities and delve into the broad topic of the sport's development in France.

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